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Water park

Relaxation and water fun at the heated water park (heat pump, from june to september)). After a day of visiting in the area, you can enjoy the campsite pool with family or friends. Toddlers can play at the secure paddling pool, while older children have fun at the countercurrent river.

The facilities of the leisure pool of Camping Kost-A-Moor:
  •  Main pool with countercurrent river
  •  Lagoon with fountain
  •  Paddling pool with mushroom
  •  Balneo island
  • Sunny pool deck sheltered from the wind, with sunbeds
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Camping Kost Ar Moor - Fouesnantgreat slide at the 3-star campsite Kost-Ar-Moorgreat slide at the 3-star campsite Kost-Ar-MorCamping Kost Ar Moor - Fouesnant Heated swimming pool in fouesnant - camping kost ar moor Heated swimming pool in fouesnant - camping kost ar moor
Out in the area
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 Jetty of Mousterlin near the Kost Ar Moor Fouesnant campsite


The variety of natural, protected sites, dunes, polders, islands and marked walking paths makes FOUESNANT-LES-GLENAN the ideal place to get away..
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Concarneau, la ville close


The town of Concarneau developed around the famous enclosed city fortified by Vauban in the 15th century.
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 La Pointe du Raz from Camping Kost Ar Moor Fouesnant

La Pointe du Raz

This rocky land end is situated to the west of  Plogoff  and is one of the most visited sites in  Brittany .
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